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COVID-19 Customer Resources

As we continue to monitor ongoing developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), please know that we have robust business continuity plans in place to continue providing exceptional, uninterrupted service – all while helping our customers and employees stay safe.

A Letter From our President


UPDATE on how our office is handling the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic being the dominant topic in the news and affecting everyone across the globe,
we want to provide you with an update on how the Cotgreave Agency is ensuring our ability to meet your
business needs at this unprecedented and challenging time.

The Cotgreave Agency will remain fully operational and will continue to provide the insurance products and
services that you have grown accustomed to over the years. We will continue to prioritize the health and safety
of our employees, business partners, customers and their families above all else.

Specifically, here is how we are managing this fluid situation:

  • We have facilitated the ability for our employees to work from home to minimize social contact. Please email your rep if possible. If you need to call your rep directly, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned immediately.

  • We have asked all of our employees to exercise good judgment in arranging meetings only when absolutely necessary. 


As necessary, we will continue to provide up-to-date communication regarding our efforts. The safety of our
employees and our customers is foremost, as is our commitment to meeting your day-to-day needs.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and we appreciate the trust you place in us to help weather this storm.

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Personal Auto Insurance Premium Credits 

As the pandemic has caused financial hardships for many, several personal automobile insurance companies have started offering refunds to customers amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Below are links to some of our insurance companies websites or memos who are offering these credits and how... 

Below are links to some of our insurance companies who may be considering this credit or may be helping in other ways... 

Business Insurance Premium Credits 

As the pandemic has caused financial hardships for many companies and small business, some commercial insurance companies have started offering refunds to customers amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Below are links to some of our insurance companies websites or memos who are offering these credits and how... 

As time moves forward, other insurance carriers may consider this type of discount program for customers as well. As more information on this becomes available we will update it here, so please check back... 

Premium Payments while under COVID-19 financial stress

These are difficult times. The New York Legislature and Department of Financial Services have been implementing emergency measures in an effort to protect insurance policyholders who have been hit with financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Regulations they enacted include: the waiver of late fees; the prohibition on reporting negative data to credit reporting agencies; and the repayment of late premiums over a 12-month period.

If you have been impacted by this pandemic, this means help may be available. 

  • If you can demonstrate that you’re unable to make a timely premium payment due to financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may pay such premium over a 12-month period.

  • If your policy is financed through a premium finance agency, they must provide a grace period before cancelling your policy for late payment of an installment if you can demonstrate financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This grace period will be 60 days for a property/casualty policy; 90 days for a life insurance policy. You will be given a 12-month period to pay the missed installment, and the premium finance agency may not impose late fees or report you to any credit reporting agency or debt collector because of that installment.

You may prove hardship by submitting a written attestation to the insurance company or premium finance agency regarding your financial hardship resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The full text of the relevant regulations can be read here:

If you have any questions about this or your policy, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re proud to continue helping you protect what matters most.

PDF Version with links of Above

- Update to Payment Emergency Coronavirus Regulation - 

New York Gov. office has extended the order that prohibits insurance carriers from terminating some policies and requires them to be lenient with policyholders suffering financially from the COVID-19 pandemics. 


The requirements will now expire on June 6.

COVID-19 Disability & Paid Family Leave Info

In an attempt to keep the economy moving and provide Americans with the financial relief they need during the COVID-19
pandemic, the Federal government has introduced the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act.”

Beginning April 2, this act provides emergency paid sick leave benefits to employees unable to work for a variety of reasons. Employees may be eligible for paid leave if they are unable to work because they are:


  • In quarantine or isolation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and in quarantine.

  • Caring for someone in quarantine or isolation as a result of COVID-19.

  • Have children in schools or daycare that have closed because of the pandemic.


Employers with fewer than 500 employees must provide two weeks’ worth of paid sick leave. Employers will receive tax credits to offset these costs, hopefully minimizing the financial impact on their business.

PDF Version with links of Above



Clarifications on Commercial Coverage as related to COVID-19, more commonly referred to as Coronavirus

Important Notice
Any submissions or payments made via this website do not constitute a binding agreement to your policy or coverages. Changes and payments to policies are not effective or binding until you, or any party involved, receive official notice from either your insurance agent, or your insurance company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Per the terms of our online privacy policy we will not resell your information to any third-party.


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